Breakfast & Food

All food served at Briggs Pond is entirely vegetarian. We are delighted to offer vegan options.

2012-03-26 14.18.19The philosophy behind Briggs Pond food service stems from a belief in environmentally sound, mindfully raised and cultivated food products for a healthy lifestyle. The main perspective is one of marrying charming & flavorful culinary treats to a wholesome plant-based cuisine. Artistry in the presentation is a constant.

Assorted seasonal fruits and vegetables, breakfast breads/muffins and jams, and homemade granola are provided by the nearby family farms in Fayette, Missouri.

2012-12-25 11.44.37Fresh country eggs are provided by a very small nearby farm with free-roaming hens and freshly ground coffee is provided by Lakota Coffee House, in Columbia, MO.

Please note that Breakfast is usually prepared and served by staff but a self-service arrangement can be accommodated upon request.